Battle of the Bards


Moar Stuff

Recap: As the bards have battled through the dark times, saved the Wizard from the Sun temple, they find themselves back at camp having a rock fest after their last victory. They fought the cold and the sadness as Henry was rescued by his partner Danzig. The returned sound to the land of sadness, and Rob the zombie was pleased, Hence the party duh.

Ted was able to find the red Key but when he went back to find the object in the ice it was gone.

Wizard: So in case you haven’t figured it out, someone has been going around to different time periods and stealing Music, the motive is unknown at this time but we believe it will be used for some nefarious purpose. The last few encounters have been by chance but I suspect you have been pulled out of portal warps due to the shortage of Music in these time periods.
Masters of their craft have been able to use music freely and without repercussion for some time, but I feel we are due for a critical incident We must go at once.

We need to save the Music.



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