Battle of the Bards

Moar Stuff

Recap: As the bards have battled through the dark times, saved the Wizard from the Sun temple, they find themselves back at camp having a rock fest after their last victory. They fought the cold and the sadness as Henry was rescued by his partner Danzig. The returned sound to the land of sadness, and Rob the zombie was pleased, Hence the party duh.

Ted was able to find the red Key but when he went back to find the object in the ice it was gone.

Wizard: So in case you haven’t figured it out, someone has been going around to different time periods and stealing Music, the motive is unknown at this time but we believe it will be used for some nefarious purpose. The last few encounters have been by chance but I suspect you have been pulled out of portal warps due to the shortage of Music in these time periods.
Masters of their craft have been able to use music freely and without repercussion for some time, but I feel we are due for a critical incident We must go at once.

We need to save the Music.

Chapter II:
The Silence and the Metal

We find our reluctant hero’s cold and silent. The absences of sound is almost painful. Not physical pain but mentally and emotionally draining.

They are in a similar cave to the one they just left, and they see someone enter just as they had before.

Chapter I:
MOA and the Fury Road

The songs of the heart strengthen the body, the song of the mind strengthen the soul. Long has been the time when magic ran free, ran without regard for consequences and sung through the streets of every town of Elf, Human, or sometimes even Orc.

We find our fat, lazy, self absorbed would be heroes at the commerce of america’s local watering hole known as Planet Hollywood where they encountered an oddly placed wizard wearing Ed Hardy clothing. Odd considering Ed hardy wasn’t fashionable for at least ten years later.

Our gang of hasbeen musicians meet who they call Wizard Ed after a brief introduction that was quickly interrupted by what sounded like gunfire the team of Johnny Cash, Trent Reznor, Glen Danzig and Ted Nugent quickly followed Wizard Ed’s direction and escaped. After finishing their drinks of course.

The team found themselves in a dark cave filled with weapons. Mr Danzig couldn’t help but miss his good friend Henry Rollins but now is not the time to long for him. The found a scroll with a note from Wizard Ed, telling them to find him. The team was confused because he was right behind them, but he didn’t make it through the exit.
In the Cave they were meta fiery foul mouthed female who couldn’t be more disappointed with meeting these lowlifes. Her name is Lucca. Each team member underwent a change inside and out. Some of them had a harder time understanding that anything has changed at all. Glen had a hard time understanding what he could and couldnt touch but was quickly trained like a dog to never touch anything again. The team found weapons that felt right to them and set off on their journey down the Fury Road to rescue Wizard Ed.

As the team made their way down the fury road they ran into bird like creatures known as Aarakocra and a few Gnoles as well. Mr Danzig had feasted on hearts and at times it gave him strength, and others it made him sick. His bloodlust was the only way to feed his sadness for missing Henry.

During the battles the team felt something inside them, something move them. Thier music from their soul was fighting to get out, not just now and then, but all the time. They could hear it in the wind, in the sand, and in the rocks. Like everything was singing in harmony. Unfortunately they were way too busy being self absorbed, not really keen in on that skill. These bards made their way to Immortan Joe’s lair.

Inside they found the bard Barbarian known as Immortan Joe. Who was not interested in the team in the least, they were attacked by more gnoles and quickly ate their hearts. That’s not a metaphor they literally ate their hearts. Joe was protected by magic the team was unfamiliar with. It seemed like an old magic, that was almost prehistoric but familiar to all of them. Glen had a hard time wanting to fight, he was drawn in and started playing the drums with the enemy. As much as he tried he couldn’t fight it. The team finally defeated the Barbarian, and rescued the Wizard. Trent was also able to find an ice pick that seemed out of place.

As the team made it back where they came they talked with the Wizard, however he was hesitant to want to give them any information that they didn’t already know. The team understands that he knows all of them very well but having only met Wizard Ed one time before this the team was hesitant to be open with them. This hurt the Wizard Ed, and he understood that it was for the best and keep moving.

After they made it back Lucca was surprised to see them, and almost sounded as if she was getting ready for another group of people to just show up out of thin air. The Wizard was very happy to be rescued but also sad knowing that the next time he sees them could be his last. The team was sent back through the exit in the back of the cave fully expecting to make it back home just as the Wizard had promised. As we know in these sorts of things, they don’t always go as planned.

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